A man has been charged with stealing a number of cars in Havering.

Havering Metropolitan Police Service’s Joint Task Force arrested him in Collier Row yesterday (October 17) in connection with alleged car thefts across the borough.

He had allegedly targeted Ford Fiestas in particular, Havering MPS said.

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He was held in police custody following his arrest but has since been charged and bailed to November 1.

Police said they were unable to name the man at this time.

A spokesperson for Havering MPS has said they are “committed to targeting those who commit this type of crime”.

Crimes relating to motor vehicles spiked in Havering during 2022-23, according to Met Police data. 

Thefts from cars went up by more than 600 cases and interfering with motor vehicles increased to 483 from 347 in 2017-18.