A range of planning applications have been submitted to the local authority over the last week.

Havering Council has seen planning applications for a variety of developments, from multiple vehicle crossovers to plans for increased business opening hours in Rainham and Wennington Ward.

We have summed up the most notable applications and included them for ease below.

An application to extend a vehicular crossover, P1353.23, in Havering-atte-Bower was received by the council on September 4 and validated on September 29.

Heaton Ward also saw an application, P1349.23, for a change of use for business space and storage into a commercial kitchen.

This was at Unit 9 Ashton Gate on Ashton Road.

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In Mawneys Ward plans, P1485.23, have been made to erect water storage tanks, a pump room building with associated screening on 3 King George Close.

Marshall's and Rise Park ward had an application, P1455.23, to remove the existing hard standing drive. 

Under these plans, the flower beds would be replaced with hard standing block paving with drainage, soak away and boundary treatment.

The extension and conversation of a garage into a gym and a home office was also submitted in the same ward, but on Deveron Way.

A replacement conservatory roof has also been planned for on Palm Road, under application code P1477.23.

Rainham and Wennington ward saw an application to keep a metal shutter and increase opening hours for a business on Saturday.

This would mean the business at 223 Upminster Road South remains open from 8.30am until 3pm that day, if plans are granted.

A single-storey office building has also been proposed in the same ward, which would include associated parking, new access with a dropped kerb involving the relocation of a lamp post.

In St Albans ward an application, J0034.23, has been made for prior notification of development from commercial use to home use for two one-bed dwellings.

South Hornchurch ward also had an application, P1365.23, for a vehicular crossover on Rainham Road.

Upminster ward saw an application, P1345.23, for a proposed hip to gable conversion that involves the elevation of the roof slope and gable, or loft, window.