Readers have shared fond memories of Romford shops that have closed forever.

The Recorder published a story last Sunday about stores that played a vital role on the high street.

Suggestions ranged from Downtown Records in Market Place, which one reader frequented as a child and an adult, to department store Littlewoods, which received many favourable mentions.

Billy D said Downtown Records was an important part of his life.

"Downtown Records [...] was the most exciting place to go with my pocket money and later my wages," he said. "Proper record shop."

Romford Recorder: Downtown Records in Market Place circa 1976 Downtown Records in Market Place circa 1976 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

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Downtown Records, which began as a market stall in Basildon, opened in Romford in 1971 or 72, later becoming Downtown Discount Record and Tape Centre before closing in the 1980s, according to Havering Libraries.

Ladies clothes store Jane Norman was another shop which received a positive mention.

Romford Recorder: Jane Norman is the store furthest to the left, circa 1967Jane Norman is the store furthest to the left, circa 1967 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Susan Lait said Jane Norman, four doors along from personal tailor John Temple, was her go-to shop.

"Jane Norman, bought a lot of clothes there," Susan said.

Russ Reid was another Romford shopper in the 1970s and remembers shopping for Mod clothing.

"Mints and Davis late 70s for Mod gear," added Russ.

Other suggestions included toy shops and department stores, including BHS, which closed for good in 2016, having traded in The Liberty shopping centre for almost 40 years.

"Littlewoods was good and BHS," suggested Susan Grimsey. "[I] Loved going for lunch with mum," Patricia Saunders added.

"Zodiac Toys, could've lived in that shop as a kid," said Spencer Davies.

Department store Littlewoods, which shut in 2002, received many nominations.

Clare Vosper: "I loved the food bit in Littlewoods, especially the salad bar."

Reader Marc Wakeling also suggested Beatties, which started as a London model shop in the 1960s, later becoming a toy store in Romford known for its radio controlled cars.

"Beatties, spent many hours of my childhood in there watching the Tamiya promotional videos at the back of the shop," said Marc.

Before Debenhams came to Romford, the building was Stones and a reader had very fond memories of the store.

Lorna Marshall: "[I] met my husband when I was 16 in Stones, where we both worked."