New research has placed Havering in second place among London boroughs that are safest to drive in.

The study, by insurance brokers One Sure Insurance, analysed historical data from the Department for Transport to see which London boroughs had the lowest road collisions per billion vehicle miles over a ten-year period.

Between 2012 and 2021, the study found that there were an average of 536 such collisions per billion vehicle miles in Havering.

A spokesperson for the company claimed that Havering’s safest year for drivers was in 2020, with 472 crashes per billion vehicle miles. In comparison, 2013 was said to be the most dangerous year with the average collisions per billion vehicle miles going up to 545.

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Hillingdon was ranked on top and was named as the safest area, while Kingston Upon Thames and Bexley followed in third and fourth spots.

Barnet held the spot as the borough with highest average annual collisions during the period.

A spokesperson for One Source Insurance said: “It is also interesting to note how high the average of all these areas is compared to the rest of the UK, which shows how careful pedestrians need to be in the capital, especially if they are visiting the city and are unfamiliar with its roads.”