A Romford mum who lost her daughter at the age of just five is hoping to extend her extraordinary fundraising efforts to beyond £875,000 at a walking event.

Julie Fisher has been raising money for charity Cancer Research UK for the past 30 years since the tragic passing of her daughter Kate Guthrie, who had the condition.

Julie was spurred on by the memory of her daughter, whom she describes as “beautiful, feisty and exceptionally brave”.

She began fundraising by selling pink flowers at a Race for Life, saying: “Originally, I set out to raise £60,000, selling flowers for £1 each. Then I realised I was on to something.

"I spoke to the charity [Cancer Research] about it, and it was decided to roll the idea out nationally.”

Julie added: “I did it because it helped me make some sense out of what happened to us as a family.”

Supported by Kate’s dad David, Kate’s Project was launched.

It ensures all funds they raise goes directly to support sarcoma research - a less common form of cancer Kate had before her death.

Kate’s sister Lucy and Julie’s partner Doug have also been pivotal in supporting Kate’s Project, with Julie referring to Doug as her “wingman”.

Romford Recorder: Julie with her 'wingman' husband, Doug.Julie with her 'wingman' husband, Doug. (Image: Julie Fisher)

With a strong family unit and support from 20 or so event helpers nicknamed Jules Jewels, Kate’s Project has helped to raise a phenomenal £850,000.

Julie has set her sights on pushing the fundraising total over the £875,000 mark at a Shine Night Walk today in London (September 23), where they are selling tiaras, tutus and lights.

Romford Recorder: Jules Jewels volunteersJules Jewels volunteers (Image: Julie Fisher)

Participants in the walk choose to raise money for a type of cancer that is closest to their heart, and dress with lights to represent research shining through the darkness associated with cancer.

Julie said: “We have had a lot of fun and laughs and met some fabulous people and wonderful families who share their stories with us."

Julie’s devotion to the cause has not gone unnoticed as she was awarded with one of Cancer Research’s Flame of Hope awards in 2014 for her contributions to the cause.

Romford Recorder: Julie holding her Flame of Hope awardJulie holding her Flame of Hope award (Image: Julie Fisher)

Lynn Daly, spokesperson for Cancer Research UK, said: “Julie and her family and friends have done an amazing job over the years – never letting up on their enthusiasm and determination to make a difference and help others.

"Saying we are grateful for all her hard work doesn’t sound anywhere near enough – but we are enormously thankful and in awe of what she has achieved.”

Visit Cancer Research UK for more information on fundraising and the Shine Night Walk.