Vehicles blocking their driveways, vans waking them up and abusive drivers are among the issues reportedly being faced by people living on one residential street in Hornchurch.

Prospect Road residents say they are being trapped in their own driveways and garages by outside parkers.

One man said it had become a health risk for his 84-year-old mother.

Christopher Kelsey, 54, who has been living on Rising Terrace, Prospect Road, for 40 years said they have been unable to get his car in and out of his garage due to vehicles blocking access.

“You’re putting someone’s life at risk parking over the gates,” he said. “There are no designated parking spots – we can’t get off our drive.”

Romford Recorder: There is nowhere to park for Prospect Road residents, one person saidThere is nowhere to park for Prospect Road residents, one person said (Image: Valerie Busby)


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The road at the bottom of Prospect Road is very narrow and is on a sharp bend, added resident Mark Radford, who said it has no parking restrictions.

“This road was never designed to take the level of traffic nor the size of motor vehicles using it now,” he added.

Valerie Busby, also on that road, alleged vans from a nearby building site frequently block the exit from her driveway.

“They park on the corner making it impossible to see down the road and dangerous to reverse from our drive,” she claimed.

Valerie added that her and her husband, both in their 70s, have been routinely woken up at 3.30am by vans on her road.

Christopher said that an excess of parking vehicles and shortage of spots had caused tension in the area, leading to him being threatened.

“We’ve got people parking all over our drive, threatening us, and round the back there’s nowhere to park for residents.

“One guy got very agitated and abusive,” he said.

Nasrine Hussain, another resident, said issues with people parking for nearby Campion School had made the situation increasingly unbearable.

“This is not the harmonious, cared-for neighbourhood we once took pride in,” she said.

Christopher said he would like to see greater enforcement measures taken.

“Regulations, yellow lines or boxes up on the curbs so residents can park there would help," he added.

Havering Council was contacted for comment.