A make-up artist hopes she will be allowed to open a home studio and save thousands on bills.

Layla Hinchen, 38, hopes to spend more time with her seven-year-old daughter Eva and save around £3,000 a month by moving her business into her Front Lane garage in Upminster.

The mother-of-two said today (August 10) that her Hornchurch business 'Layla Hinchen', which offers permanent make-up and beauty treatments in Bucks Green Road, no longer needs the space.

Layla added that she offers tattooing and hopes to be able to do so from her home.

On downsizing after 18 years, Layla said: “I’ve got a seven-year-old daughter which means I can be way more flexible with school runs and being at home.

"It will have a huge impact - just being more present rather than being stuck at the clinic all the time."

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Romford Recorder: Layla said opening a home studio would save around £3000 in bills per monthLayla said opening a home studio would save around £3000 in bills per month (Image: Layla Hinchen)

Layla added that soaring bills had placed a considerable burden.

"Energy and overheads have gone through the roof," she said. "It just seems like such a waste every month."

Layla's first application was rejected on the grounds that a home business would result in an "unacceptable impact" on neighbours and a second door on the garage would make it look like a separate dwelling.

But Layla said she has taken steps to address the council's concerns, notably clarifying that she only takes one client at a time and her latest plans omit a front door.

Layla said she loves what she does, including providing free 3D tattoos for people with breast cancer.

She offers replacement 3D nipples for cancer-sufferers who have had removal surgery and said doing so helps them move on.

"It's so lovely to see the difference it makes for people.

"It's the end of their journey, the final thing they can do to put it behind them."

The application was made under number P1209.23 to replace a single storey garage on Front Lane in Upminster with a makeup/treatment studio.

Layla said even if the council does not grant her second application she will persevere.

"We'll see - we'll still carry on no matter what."

The application was validated by the council on August 2 and September 27 is set to be the decision date.