The shutting down of a pie and mash shop in Romford after 40 years has left many patrons sad and nostalgic.

McDowell’s Pie & Mash, located in Romford Shopping Hall, had its last day on July 29 after its owner, Linda McDowell, announced her retirement.

Linda told the Recorder that she will “miss all her customers, old and new” and called the closure a “very emotional” moment for her.

She said: “I’d like to say thank you to all of them and wish them well. I've known some of them for years, seen all their children and their grandchildren grow up.”

In response to a post shared on social media by the Recorder, many visitors said they are sad to see McDowell's close.  

Tara Matthews recalled going there with her mother and then with her children over the years.

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Another, Tracey Bundy, commented: “My mum and I always had our pie mash and liquor when I was a little girl and I still (go) there with my children and grandchildren."

Billy Harding added: “Ahh what a shame, was only there a few months back enjoying classic double pie n mash with liquor.

“It was the very first pie n mash shop my Mum took me too (sic) when I was a kid, now it's become a thing of the past.”

Some complained about the decline of traditional British food outlets.

Steven Smile said: “Us English are the first to moan (there is) no traditional English restaurant, no pubs hardly left, but we are not supporting our tradition hardly no more.”

One of the reasons for its closing down, Linda said, was “the costs for everything going up”.  A handful of readers were sympathetic about the issue.

Sue Carey said: “Most businesses are struggling to survive plus the interest rates and business energy rates on top of this.”