Havering Council has turned down pleas for lollipop people outside two schools.

Two petitions were presented to a full council meeting in March by

Councillor Judith Holt presented petitions in March for the council to appoint a lollipop man or a lady to help children attending Hylands Primary School and Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls.

Signed by more than 430 and 230 people respectively, they said crossing Brentwood Road was “dangerous for pupils.”

While both schools have zebra crossings outside, Cllr Holt has previously told the Recorder that the road is an “accident waiting to happen” as there are no buttons anyone can press to stop the traffic.

Christine Gentle, joint head teacher at Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls welcomed the petition.

Describing the crossing as "busy", she had previously warned that despite traffic calming measures along Brentwood Road, people still drive "too fast and without due care".

After nearly three months, the council has now decided to reject the petition, saying the control measures at the zebra crossing “adequately mitigate the risk of crossing the road.”

Cllr Holt shared in a Facebook post that she is “extremely disappointed” by council’s decision.

She accused the council of not considering the safety of children as a priority.

She added: “However, this reply goes on to say the council would support the school if they provided (and presumably paid for) a lollipop man or lady themselves.

“This does not make sense. Is the council just not wanting to spend the money?”

She vowed to “continue asking questions” and “pushing Havering Council” on the matter.

Havering Council was contacted for a response by the Recoder. 

A spokesperson said that the council is currently reviewing borough's school crossing patrols service so they unable to accommodate new requests for additional patrols. 

He added that the council takes the safety of children and families travelling to and from school seriously. 

The council, he said, are comfortable that the existing zebra crossing provides a safe crossing point and helps mitigate any significant risks when crossing the road at the said location.