In a week that will already see many Londoner's days disrupted due to tube strikes, you can now also expect some less-than-summery weather. 

As the capital is set to be hit by heavy rain for nine days straight with very little sign of sunshine. 

It comes as two weather forecasters the Met Office and BBC Weather both suggest non-stop wet weather. 

July altogether hasn't been the most summery month after June saw a strong heatwave where London hit temperatures as high as 30C.

Now, it's time to get the umbrellas back out and put the sunglasses away for a little bit longer as rain is here to stay for at least a week. 

London to be hit by rain for nine days

The Met Officers' weather forecast suggests that rain in London will first begin on Sunday, July 23 from 7am, the day will see mixed skies with cloud and sun but the rain will only stop for a few hours overnight.

Monday, July 24 and Tuesday, July 26 show similar conditions with heavy rain at a 40% chance of precipitation and an average temperature of 19C.

BBC Weather shows similar conditions but with the added factor of lighting on some days across the week including Monday.

Discussing the upcoming weather, the Met Officer forecaster said: "Sunny spells and showers on Sunday and Monday, occasionally heavy and perhaps thundery in places. Fewer showers on Tuesday, with winds easing. Still rather cool. slightly below."

You can check the full weather forecast via the Met Office website.