Creating a bucket list of ideas to do just for the fun of it or a momentous occasion in Romford could unleash a whole new world for some.

There could be plenty of things to do and see in the region which you may never have thought of before.

If you’re looking for something quirky or even a little more relaxed, we could have found an activity to suit you.

We asked Chat GPT to come up with an entire bucket list of things to do and this is what it suggested.

The Open AI chatbot has become more popular recently as it provides human-like conversations.

Romford Recorder: AI suggests going to a comedy show.AI suggests going to a comedy show. (Image: Getty Images)

Along with its assistance for help with tasks such as writing essays and emails, people can also ask the software any questions they like and can expect all sorts of responses.

However it isn't always correct, as shown by some of the suggestions below...

15 bucket list experiences to try in Romford

Visit Romford Market: Explore one of the largest street markets in the South East of England, offering a wide array of goods, fresh produce, and unique finds.

Enjoy a show at the Brookside Theatre: Catch a play, musical performance, or comedy show at this charming local theatre.

Go shopping at The Brewery: Explore the shopping centre for a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options

Relax at Raphael Park: Spend a leisurely day in this picturesque park with beautiful gardens and ample green spaces.

Indulge in Romford's local cuisine: Try traditional British dishes and explore the diverse international food scene.

Romford Recorder: Why not try some new cafes?Why not try some new cafes? (Image: Getty Images)

Take a stroll along Romford Canal: Chat GPT suggested enjoying a peaceful walk along Romford's canal, soaking in the tranquil surroundings. However, those in the know will be aware that although there were plans for a canal in Romford in the 19th century. Although work started, construction never reached Romford and the idea was abandoned. According to website London's Lost Rivers, traces of the canal can still be seen at Eastbrookend Country Park near Elm Park. You can read more about the planned canal here

Explore Romford Greyhound Stadium: Experience the thrill of greyhound racing at this popular stadium.

Discover Havering Museum: Learn about the history and heritage of the local area through fascinating exhibits.

Attend a local event or festival: Check the calendar for community events, markets, and celebrations.

Visit Romford Ice Arena: Lace up your skates and have fun on the ice with friends and family.

Romford Recorder: Fancy a night out in Romford?Fancy a night out in Romford? (Image: Getty Images)

Explore Eastbrookend Country Park: Escape to nature in this expansive park with wildlife, walking trails, and open spaces.

Attend a live music event: Look for concerts or live music performances happening at venues around town.

Play a round of golf at Maylands Golf Club: Challenge yourself on this scenic golf course.

Learn about Romford's history: Take a guided tour or visit historical landmarks to understand the town's past.

Enjoy Romford's nightlife: Discover pubs, bars, and clubs for a night of socializing and entertainment.