A much-loved dog is having the highest mountain in the Alps climbed in his memory.

Buster, a West Highland Terrier, was 17 years a companion to his owner Nicole Dawson and her family at the home they shared in Rainham before he died.

Nicole wanted to find a way to mark his legacy and is attempting to conquer Mont Blanc and raise funds for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a charity close to her heart for many years.

“I’m a complete novice when it comes to mountaineering and no fan of the cold,” Nicole admits. “But I always knew I wanted to do something special in Buster’s memory.

“Buster was such a special dog that gave my family a lifetime of love that we’ll cherish forever. A challenge like Mont Blanc feels like a way to honour his legacy.”

Nicole has been in training to prepare for conquering the 16,000ft high Mont Blanc.

She even hiked Mount Etna in preparation for her three-day climb to the peak and down again.