Readers have had their say on Havering ranking third bottom for healthy streets in London.

On Thursday (July 13), The Recorder published an article on how, out of 32 boroughs, Havering ranked third last in results published on Monday (June 10) by the Healthy Streets Scorecard.

The scorecard measures how healthy a borough's streets are using ten indicators, including low traffic neighbourhoods, 20 mile-per-hour speed limits and car ownership rates.

Havering, ahead of just Bexley and Hillingdon, was described by the report as a car-dominated environment failing to enable residents to switch to public transport, walking and cycling.

Readers have since had voiced their own views.

Jacqueline Dufaur commented: "So much for the myth that Havering has clean air."

But another reader disagreed with the report's findings and said most streets in the borough are empty.

"I think not," said Mark Beckendale. "Most streets in Havering are practically empty except for a few major streets during the school runs and rush hour."

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Another resident called for improved cycle lanes in Havering and said low traffic areas in the borough were non-existent. 

"There is hardly a yard of separated cycle lane[s] in Havering [and] poorly marked lanes with no supervision or cameras," said Robert Farnsworth.

"Pedestrianise central Romford and Hornchurch High Street," he added.

But another commenter was unconvinced and said doing so would make life difficult.

Jane B Doola said: "Imagine not being able to leave your zone without a permit."