Some Redbridge schools were sent a "threatening" email today, police have said.

Officers are investigating reports of the email that is believed to have been sent to a number of schools in the borough today (July 12).

Redbridge Primary School confirmed to the Recorder that it took precautions and went into 'lockdown'.

Seven Kings High School also took action today, but the school said “everything has gone back to normal” at around 2pm.

It is understood that other schools including Highlands Primary School also reacted to the threat, but the school would not speak more at this time.

The nature of the threat is unclear and police have said they are “not prepared to discuss” at this time.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Police are aware of a threatening email sent to a school in Redbridge.

“This is being investigated at pace by officers and it was not necessary for the school to be in lockdown. No arrests have been made at this time.”

The force has also ensured that nobody was harmed or considered to be in any danger.

A spokesperson added: “It is believed a number of schools have been sent the email. Enquiries are ongoing.”