A new hand-made ice cream shop is coming to Romford this summer.

Ice Rolls & Tasty, which is already operating in Europe, has found a new home in Romford Shopping Hall for its first UK branch.

Dimitar Dimitrov, the owner of the family-run business, told the Recorder that their ice cream is made of “natural products” and the whole milk is sourced from farms.

He said: “We don’t go to the retail market to buy the milk. The ice cream itself we make it in front of the customers and top it up with fresh fruits and other ingredients."

He claimed their ice cream is “unlike anything” people in the UK have tasted before.

Romford Recorder: Ice Rolls and Tasty stall outside their shop at the Romford Shopping Hall this weekendIce Rolls and Tasty stall outside their shop at the Romford Shopping Hall this weekend (Image: Dimitar Dimitrov)

While most of it is hand-made, they have a machine to make “ice-cream snow” that falls in a bowl, he said.

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Dimitar started the business more than 10 years ago on a smaller scale with his first shop set up in the Bulgarian town where he grew up.

He recalled: “It was so popular that on the third day we had a queue of 50-60 people waiting for an ice cream.

“Within two to three weeks, we opened two more shops in the central area in the city."

About choosing Romford as his first UK location, Dimitar said he is “happy to be” in town.

He added: “The shop is very nicely located. We have got the shopping hall and Romford Market close by, a big parking space, and quite a few events going on throughout the year."

Ice Rolls & Tasty is launching in Romford this weekend with a mini-preview, but will be fully operational from the end of next week.

Romford Recorder: First customer at Ice Rolls and Tasty this weekendFirst customer at Ice Rolls and Tasty this weekend (Image: Dimitar Dimitrov)

Their business, Dimitar said, will have more stores in east London in the coming months at locations like Walthamstow, Ilford and Stratford.