Police stopped 23 people who ignored closed lanes closures on the M25 during overnight roadworks.

Junction 28 at Brentwood on the M25 was closed for roadworks last night (June 23) with large red 'X' flashing signs displayed to alert drivers.

Essex Police explained that this was due to “important work” that needed to happen and it was done overnight to minimise disruption.

Despite the signs in place, officers dealt with 23 drivers who ignored this and decided to drive on the closed lanes.

Romford Recorder: Police cracked down on those ignoring lane closure signs on the M25 last nightPolice cracked down on those ignoring lane closure signs on the M25 last night (Image: Essex Police)

Police wrote online: “This important work is done overnight to minimise the inconvenience to all road users and the closure was clearly communicated to drivers via large red X flashing signs on the overhead matrix signs, clearly visible from several hundred meters in advance.

“The previous 3-4 overhead matrix signs before on approach also warned of this with arrow signs indicating to move over, allowing drivers plenty of time and space to comply.”

The post continued: "For those who felt entitled to drive within the closed lanes, past those queuing but weren't one of the 23 dealt with in person by roads policing officers - your vehicle details have been taken and paperwork will follow in the post."