A motorcyclist had recently become a dad when he died in a crash with Kem Cetinay's car in Harold Wood, an inquest heard. 

Tommy Griggs, 28, died of multiple injuries after he crossed into the Love Island star's lane and collided with his green Mercedes G Wagon. 

The collision took place at around 11.30am on August 4 last year outside Ivy Lodge Farm on Shepherds Hill

On Monday (June 5) Walthamstow Coroner’s Court was told that Mr Griggs had cannabis in his system at the time of the crash. 

The inquest heard he had been speeding as fast as 44mph in a 30mph zone and crossed onto the wrong side of the road around a bend where the vehicles were obscured from one another by a hedge.

Mr Griggs, from Romford, was driving a Suzuki motorcycle which he had purchased two days earlier.  

The court was told it was created to be a 125cc motorbike, but it had been altered to run on a 400cc engine which boosted the acceleration and potentially the top speed. 

Family members could not say who had adjusted the bike engine. 

Mr Cetinay was fully cooperative with the police investigation as a witness but was not suspected of any wrongdoing in relation to the crash, the inquest heard. 

The 27-year-old presenter was driving at between 27 and 29mph. The paraphrased evidence Mr Cetinay provided to police was read out by coroner Graeme Irvine. 

Mr Irvine said: “He came round the bend, he believed he was travelling at the legal speed limit. He said as soon as he came round the bend he saw the motorcycle approaching in his lane. 

“The whole incident happened very, very quickly. He pulled on the steering wheel but he couldn’t give a clear recollection about whether he had any time to brake. He waited at the scene until emergency services arrived.” 

In his conclusion, Mr Irvine said: "At the point of the collision there was absolutely nothing Mr Cetinay could have done to avoid the impending collision with Tommy."

The court heard that they would likely not have seen each other until between 1.5 and 2 seconds before impact. 

A statement from Mr Cetinay's representatives at the time said: "Kem will be making no further comment on this matter aside to offer his deepest condolences, prayers and sympathies to the motorcyclist's family and friends."

A statement from Mr Griggs' dad, Kevin, said: “Our amazing son Tommy was larger than life and he had this most amazing character. He was our loveable rogue and anyone who ever met Tommy never forgot him.  

“He made so many friends from all walks and shapes of life. He would never judge a book by its cover. Tommy was loved and liked by all. If you were good to him, he would treat you the same.” 

Mr Griggs and his partner had recently become parents.

Kevin Griggs said: “Tom was so smitten and they had so much to look forward to.” 

His partner said he had a wonderfully special bond with his daughter. 

She told the inquest: “It goes without saying that the Tommy we all loved was definitely a rogue, but his heart was always in the right place.”   

Mr Griggs was a skip hirer and was described as the driving force in building the business which he started with his dad. 

Kevin Griggs said: “He made us so proud of what he had achieved.”