She likes chasing spiders. She hates being alone.

Meet Gucci, a cat "like no other", who was voted by Recorder readers as the best pet out of hundreds of entries.

Kinza Ali, 27, of Romford, bought Gucci from a pet shop in March after her family moved to the area.

A six-month-old Scottish Fold, Gucci is now already Kinza’s “best friend” who watches TikTok videos with her and might soon become an internet famous cat herself. 

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Kinza told the Recorder:  “She is not like other cats minding her own business. She will follow me around everywhere. If I am having a down day, she will know and will come sit next to me.”

Named after Kinza’s favourite fashion brand, Gucci is Kinza’s first ever pet.

Kinza “fell in love” with Gucci when she first saw her on a video call with the pet shop owner.

Romford Recorder: Gucci loves to scroll Youtube to watch bird videosGucci loves to scroll Youtube to watch bird videos (Image: Kinza Ali)

Kinza recalled: “She was quite energetic and was trying to communicate at such a young age unlike the others that were just lying around. It's just her character and her personality that stood out to me.”

Gucci is adored by all in Kinza’s family, she said. Her playtime with Kinza’s brothers involves watching football together like “a good mate”.

Kinza added: “Anytime there’s football on, she will sit and watch attentively. She will attack the screen and try to get the ball off the players, not knowing it’s a TV."

Romford Recorder: Gucci pictured with Kinza's brothersGucci pictured with Kinza's brothers (Image: Kinza Ali)

Gucci likes to chase spiders and squirrels, and scrolling through bird videos on YouTube.

Gucci earned Kinza a £100 shopping voucher prize as the competition winner.

Kinza said it will be spent on buying a new play pen for her beloved cat.

She added: “Not just my best friend, she is my only friend. She is like my companion really.”