A Hornchurch mother-of-two has said she "can't continue like this" after being without hot water for more a month in a housing association flat.

Shell Dawson, who lives in Haynes Park Court, said the hot water stopped on 19 April and L&Q, a housing association, only sent an electrician on May 24.

Shell, who has a five-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, accused L&Q of ignoring repeated emails and claimed it was only until she reached out to Havering Council that they took action. 

The lack of hot running water has meant Shell has had to boil water on her stove, a makeshift measure she deems unsafe.

“I’ve had to carry hot, boiling water across my kitchen when I have a five-year-old around,” she said. "I can't continue like this."

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Shell said was taken aback when L&Q initially replied to her with an appointment on June 21.

“That would make it nearly two months without hot water," she said. “How do I get my kids to properly wash their hands in the meantime?"

Shell said L&Q sent an electrician to her home this week who told her the problem could not be fixed until June 12, when a plumber would be available.

She said this was unacceptable and has raised the problem with a councillor.

On June 12, it will have been almost two months since Shell, who has lived in the flat for ten years, has been without hot water.

David Lewis, executive group director at L&Q, today apologised (31 May) for the difficulties Shell experienced and said the problem has been fixed.

"It should not have taken this long to get the issues with her hot water sorted," he said.

"We have reached out to Ms Cummings personally over the weekend and arranged for the repair to take place today and we will support her throughout any necessary works.”