Provision of new housing in Havering will be hit after work at a major development site was paused.

Waterloo and Queen Street in Romford was one of the 12 Estate redevelopment sites announced by Havering council in 2018, as part a £1.2 billion joint venture with Wates Residential.

The council and Wates have stopped work on 1,380 new homes on that site due to regulatory problems, but what is the progress at the other sites?

We have outlined the status of each of the 12 estates and what lies next.

1. Waterloo Estate and Queen Street in Romford

Construction has been paused on this site, which is part of the Romford Housing Zone.

This is due to uncertainity around building safety standards and concerns over government regulations.

The project aims to provide 1,380 homes that would include three and four bed family homes.

Havering Council did not specify when work would resume, but said both groups remain committed.

2. Park Rise (Solar Serena Sunrise) in Hornchurch

New homes will be available later this year at Park Rise, Havering Council says.

Plans are to redevelop it into an older person's village that would sit next to Harrow Lodge Park.

It will contain 175 new homes in a retirement community village for the over 55s, the council said.

3. New Green in Rainham (formerly Napier and New Plymouth houses)

The development for New Green, formerly Napier and New Plymouth Houses, is complete.

New Green in Dunedin Road was one of the first sites to be developed.

The project has replaced two tower blocks with 126 affordable homes and 71 homes for private sale.

4. Harold Hill town centre

Major redevelopment has been planned in Harold Hill town centre, but the process is still at the planning stage.

This covers works for a new Family and Welcome Centre and Health Centre and the redevelopment of Chippenham Road and Farnham and Hilldene Estate, a major shopping area.

Havering Council said construction will begin later this autumn and aims to provide affordable homes, community facilities and environmental improvements.

5. Brunswick Court in Cranham

Brunswick Court in Cranham is to be demolished and redeveloped as a sheltered housing, with construction is due to begin in spring 2026.

Plans for 54 new homes have been approved.  Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2028, with overall completion due in spring 2030.

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6. Maygreen Crescent in Hornchurch

Maygreen Crescent is undergoing a complete regeneration, with 295 new homes estimated to be delivered by 2031.

Construction is timetabled to begin in spring 2028.

7. Park Lane in Hornchurch

Park Lane is one of four sheltered housing scheme sites.

It will be regenerated for general needs housing, some of which may be allocated for people over 50.

Work is scheduled to begin in spring 2028 and delivered by 2031.

8. Delderfield House in Romford

Delderfield House is expected to have 22 new homes in spring 2030.

Construction is due to begin in spring 2028.

9. Dell Court in Hornchurch

Dell Court is expected to have 80 new homes build in spring 2030.

Building works are set to begin in spring 2028.

10. Oldchurch Gardens in Romford

Oldchurch Gardens is expected to have 306 new homes in summer 2029.

Works are scheduled to begin in spring 2027.

11. Royal Jubilee Court in Gidea Park

Royal Jubilee Court will be redeveloped into an older person’s village.

It is expected to have 152 new homes and construction is due to begin in spring 2025.

The project is scheduled to finish in summer 2027.

12. Delta Estate in Gidea Park (removed)

Delta Estate, one of the original 12 sites, was removed from the programme in early 2020.

It was deemed by the council not to have met its ‘regeneration objectives’ or the ‘aspirations’ of local residents.