A tram has been proposed to improve Havering's notoriously poor transport links.

Havering Council set out plans for a north to south tram connecting Harold Wood to Rainham Beam Park via Romford and Upminster.

The council also said it would build a new Beam Park station and create an extension to the London Superloop - a proposed express bus service covering outer boroughs - to Havering.

Havering has long suffered from poor transport connections, councillors say, resulting in long train and bus journeys for locals.

Cllr Trevor McKeever, Mayor of Havering, said: “These plans are absolutely necessary because there is no direct link between north and south.

“I can’t see any reason at all why a new tram link can’t be built with the right funding,” he said.

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Cllr McKeever said Havering's budget had been stretched on adult social care and children's social services, but now was the right time to fund better transport.

But not everyone was happy about the council’s plans.

Brian Eagling, East Havering Residents’ Group councillor for Harold Wood, said: “Where are they going to get the money for a tram from? It’s been talked about before but nothing has happened.

“We want to get our children to school on time now and the current bus service is useless,” he said.

Cllr Eagling acknowledged a new tram would help people, but said the priority should be addressing two-hour wait times for buses in Harold Wood.

Cllr Darren Wise, Eagling’s colleague in East Havering, welcomed plans to build the tram in light of ULEZ fees turning more people towards public transport, he said.

“More public transport would be good for the area if it opens up more opportunities and helps with some of the issues caused by ULEZ making travel difficult,” he said.

Havering desperately needs new and improved transport links, and a new tram would go a long way in addressing that, said Cllr McKeever.

He added: “We definitely need these services put in place – everyone will benefit from a proper transport system.”

The council's infrastructure plan also aims to improve Romford ring road, provide more housing in Harold Hill and build a new River Clipper station on the Thames. 

Transport for London was approached for comment.