The Conservative candidate to represent Havering and Redbridge on the London Assembly from 2024 has been named.

Keith Prince, who has represented the area on the assembly since 2016, has been re-selected as the party's candidate for next year’s elections.

He announced on Twitter that it has been an “honour of a lifetime” to serve the two boroughs and he will continue to “fight for the people” of Havering and Redbridge every day.

Dagenham and Rainham Conservatives congratulated Mr Prince on his re-selection too.

Mr Prince, who is also a councillor in Havering for Squirrels Heath ward, told the Recorder he would like to work with homeless charities to address people sleeping rough on the streets.

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He added: “We need homes for people, but in the right places. We don’t need to put tower blocks in our residential areas. We need to have the right housing in right areas.”

Bringing down crimes and sorting out transport issues would be another priority, he said.

He revealed: “We need to enhance connectivity in the region not just the capacity. We have the Superloop that the mayor (Sadiq Khan) announced that does not even go to Havering, so we need better links for the outer London boroughs."

He criticised Mr Khan’s decision to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and called it “immoral”.

He added: “The charities will suffer under ULEZ, they won’t be able to get volunteers. The key workers whose cars are essential for them to get to work during times when there is no public transport, they will suffer too."

Mr Khan has previously justified the expansion, saying the move will save lives and "give all Londoners the right to breathe cleaner air".

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections will take place next May.