We decided to take a look back at some of the pubs that have been lost in and around Romford.

The Lost Pubs Project has archived the decline of English pubs at its website www.closedpubs.co.uk, including those in Romford that have closed their doors.

Here are five pubs in the area that have been lost over the last decade.

Durham Arms

Romford Recorder: The Durham ArmsThe Durham Arms (Image: Google)

This pub in Brentwood Road closed its doors to customers in 2019.

Romford Recorder reported last year that the pub could reopen under a new planning application submitted to Havering Council.

These plans would see the pub reopen on the ground floor while the first floor would be converted into a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Previous applications to convert the pub into a supermarket or a restaurant have failed.

The Pompadours

Romford Recorder: The Pompadours The Pompadours (Image: Google)

The pub at the junction of Hilldene Avenue and Edenhall Road was shut in 2016.

Romford Recorder reported in 2019 that the former site had been “plagued by squatters and fly-tippers” in the ensuing years.

In 2021, Havering Council approved plans to demolish the former pub and construct 21 new houses in its place.

The Prince Albert

Romford Recorder: The Prince AlbertThe Prince Albert (Image: Google)

The pub in St Andrews Road was opened around 1860 and closed in the summer of 2020.

According to one contributor to the Lost Pubs Project, the pub was demolished in 2022.

The Slaters Arms

Romford Recorder: The Slaters ArmsThe Slaters Arms (Image: Google)

The pub in London Road was built in 1842, but after 176 years closed its doors to customers in 2018.

A planning application to build nine flats and a detached house on the site was subsequently approved by Havering Council in 2019.

Romford Recorder reported in 2019 that these plans also included ground and basement retail space.

The World’s Inn

Romford Recorder: The World's InnThe World's Inn (Image: Google)

The most recent of the pub closures on our list, this Wetherspoon in South Street closed its doors on April 16 of this year.

Readers reacted to the Romford Recorder’s announcement of the closure on Facebook.

Sarah Clark tagged her friends about the great nights they had in the pub, while Scott Dennis shared he met his wife in the pub.

Another reader, Kimberley Fraser, questioned the need to shut it down. She asked: “It’s always so busy in there, I can’t understand why they would close it?”