"A really extraordinary weather event" is how one Romford resident described a hailstone deluge that hit Havering yesterday.

Temperatures dropped below eight degrees in Romford on Sunday (April 23) according to the Met Office and, after 7 pm, heavy hailstorms were reported by many residents.

Donald Hamilton, who was at home in Romford when the hailstorms hit, told the Recorder: “I have seen hail falling before but nothing like this. The hailstones were of the regular size but I have never before seen hail with this level of intensity. It was literally pelting down.”

The storms continued for more than five minutes, Donald said.

He added: “For me it was a really extraordinary weather event.”

Twitter user @uwefuchs said the "most mental hail" fell in Hornchurch.

A video posted on YouTube by ‘Avyan’s gaming channel’ shows the intensity of the storm in Romford.

Other footage, posted on Facebook by Faisal Rabbani, showed water streaming down a road in Romford.

Followers of Noak Hill nursery Long House Plants’ Facebook page shared how the storm impacted their gardens.

Lois Amos wrote: “Our son is in Romford and hailstones tore off all the buds and flowers on his lime tree! He had only put it out to get some sun and forgot to bring it in! April can be one of the cruellest months in the garden.”

A low intensity flood warning was issued for River Rom after the water level crossed the top of the normal range at 8pm.