A Havering secondary school has slammed an “unhelpful TikTok trend” after pupils protested against limits to toilet use during class time. 

Pupils across the country have reportedly been using TikTok to organise and record protests in response to a range of alleged grievances, including the length skirts are allowed to be. 

On February 27, children at Bower Park Academy joined the trend and staged their own protest, allegedly due to restrictions placed on them regarding when they are able to use the toilet facilities.

Footage on TikTok appeared to show pupils walking out en-masse, with a spokesperson for the school confirming the protest had been held. 

@bpa.21 BPA HAD A PROTEST 🤯#protest#toliets#arerightashumans#school#bpa#breaktime#protests ♬ stand up - lou’🪩

One anonymous parent said it is “perfectly understandable” for the children to “have the right to stand up for what they believe", but alleged that the protest "led to out-and-out rioting involving many pupils”. 

She added she is “concerned” about the incident, and feels people “should be aware this is happening”. 

Eddie Aylett, joint acting principal at Bower Park Academy, said pupils can use the toilets during lesson time, with staff permission, and that there is widespread access during breaks. 

He told the Recorder: “An unhelpful national TikTok trend has affected many schools and as a result, we also had to deal with some student protests yesterday. Sadly, some individuals' behaviour fell far below our expectations, and this has been addressed. The school is calm and orderly today. 

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“We have held assemblies reminding students of the important role that student voice can play in getting their voice heard the correct way.

"The school has a number of forums for students to raise concerns. The democratically elected student representatives are there to listen to such concerns and to discuss these with the school leadership to bring about change.” 

The incident at Bower Park follows reported protests at schools in other parts of the country, including one in Cornwall where pupils reportedly flipped tables and broke fences over a series of rule changes.