An Upminster animal sanctuary has expressed its gratitude after receiving a donation of dog food worth more than £10,000. 

Harrow-based company Percuro, which sells a range of dog food and treats, said it wanted to provide Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary with the £11,000 donation to help it manage the current cost-of-living crisis. 

The sanctuary looks after and rehomes a range of animals, including dogs and cats, and is reliant on public support.

Wendy Kenny, production director at Percuro, said: "The current cost-of-living crisis has created challenging conditions for the survival of animal charities and pet welfare organisations.  

“Percuro is delighted to donate our hypoallergenic dog food and treats to Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary, to help feed dogs in their care, in accordance with our company's corporate social responsibility programme.” 

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David Common, manager at Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary, said: "The sanctuary is extremely grateful to Percuro for their donation of a pallet of dog food.  

“This will help us feed our many dogs and will also save on feed costs. We are very grateful for their generosity.”