The end of 2022 is finally here, as we all prepare to wave goodbye to one year and say hello to the new year.

As we declare our new year's resolutions that we know we won’t stick to and raise a glass to what’s to come.

Whether staying in for the night or venturing out to the disco floor, you might want to check the weather.

With recent mixed forecasts of rain, snow and some sunshine, the weather has been a mixed bag, but there is some hope the new year will start off with some clear skies.

So you don’t get caught out by any bad weather, we’ve looked at the Met Office weather report.

New Year’s Eve weather Romford

If you’re going out in Romford you might want to bring a coat, with reports of rain of 90% chance of precipitation and winds of 30mph coming from the southwest.

Temperatures will average at 11C throughout the day and later into the night but will have a natural feel of 8C, you can expect dark clouds during the night and into the earlier hours of the morning.

You can check the full weather forecast via the Met Office website.