Christmas Day is just around the corner now, and some people may be wondering what the forecast will be for East London.

With parts of the UK experiencing snow in the last week, the question might arise of if that might create a chance of a 'White Christmas' in the area.

Whether you are dreaming or dreading snowflakes on the big day, here is what the BBC and the Met Office are currently forecasting.

Romford Recorder: Will it be cold enough to snow on Christmas DayWill it be cold enough to snow on Christmas Day (Image: PA)

Met Office East London Christmas Day forecast

On Christmas Day you can expect a lightly cloudy sky throughout the day and mixed temperatures averaging at 9C. 

There will also be some slight wind, with speeds of up to 11mph coming in from the west. 

But there is a little sign of rain, with just a 10% chance of precipitation in the region. 

If you want to catch the sunrise, you should be able to see it at 8.05am or for the sunset, at 15.54pm. 

Speaking of the weather, a Met Office spokesperson said: "Confidence is unusually low for the Christmas weekend; a north/south divide with cold air, wintry showers and increased risk of more significant snow in the north, and milder conditions with rain and showers in the south is likely, but where the boundary will be is very uncertain."

Check the Met Office forecast now. 

BBC Weather East London Christmas Day forecast

The BBC weather forecast predicts a higher chance of rain, with an average of 17% chance of precipitation throughout the day. 

Much like the Met Office forecast, light grey clouds will cover the skies during the day with an average temperature of 9C but a real feel of 7C.