A sex pest detective who was sacked for misconduct now faces investigation over another complaint about his behaviour.

The fresh complaint alleges that the officer failed to investigate important information, leading to an innocent woman being wrongly charged with a crime.

The detective was booted out of the Met this year for sexually harassing a colleague.

The misconduct panel that heard the harassment case wrote in its judgement that it “did not find [him] to be a credible witness or a witness of truth”. 


That finding of dishonesty has now led to another complaint, by a woman from the London borough of Barking and Dagenham, being referred for investigation. 

The woman, in her 20s, had filed a complaint about the detective’s behaviour months before he was sacked. 

She claimed that after being arrested in April 2021 on suspicion of assault and criminal damage, she gave him information at a Havering police station which would have helped to prove her innocence. 

But instead of investigating, she alleged, police charged her with a crime she had not committed.

On the day of her trial, prosecutors offered no evidence and dropped the case.  

This summer, she filed a formal complaint with the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

In addition to the detective’s alleged failure to investigate, she complained that other officers had needlessly restrained and manhandled her. 

The watchdog referred the complaint to the Met for local investigation, but the force initially rebuffed her allegations. 

Then the woman learned that the detective in her case had been sacked and deemed dishonest. 

“It is submitted that it cannot be assumed that this officer’s account of what happened... can be relied upon,” she wrote to the Met, asking for her complaint to be reconsidered. 

An officer replied: “I believe that this matter needs further looking into.” 

The force has now confirmed that a further investigation is underway. 

“Police received a complaint from a woman regarding an officer who has since been dismissed from the MPS for an unrelated matter,” it said. 

“The complaint was about an alleged failure to investigate by this officer. 

“The woman has also complained about other officers and members of custody staff involved in her arrest and detention. 

“The complaint is with the local Professional Standards Unit and enquiries continue.”