“When my mum decided to come visit me, I told her I’d show her London at Christmas - but I don’t think she quite realised that I meant from above,” says Immy Share.

I somehow persuaded my mum that climbing the O2 Arena in Greenwich would be the perfect pastime and activity to do during her recent trip to London.

I oozed confidence, albeit some of it was pretend, and understandably apprehensively, she actually agreed.

So, off we headed to North Greenwich tube station to climb ON TOP OF the arena that has hosted some of the most famous pop stars, ever.

We approached the Arena, had a bit of a reality check about what we’d actually agreed to do, and then started to feel quite excited as we hyped each other up and convinced ourselves that it was going to be great.

@immyshare Looking for something fun to do in London??? Come climb the O2 with us 🫣 #funthingstodoinlondon #upattheo2 #pressinvite #fyp #london #londonviews #viewpoint #o2 #o2arena #greenwich #dayout #climb ♬ Unholy - Sam Smith & Kim Petras

The Up At The O2 ‘base camp’ is located outside the arena, so we headed there, signed our lives away on waiver forms, and got kitted up in jackets, boots and harnesses.

So glam!

Our instructor gave us safety advice and was great at helping us all get strapped in correctly and settling any nerves by answering all questions and telling us how the climb would work.

We went up some stairs up to where the O2 climb actually began, had some photos taken, and then attached ourselves to the walkway which would lead us up to the top of the arena.

Lit with beautiful blue fairy lights either side of us, we began to climb.

Romford Recorder: Christmas carols at Up At The O2Christmas carols at Up At The O2 (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

I would say the experience wasn’t as scary as I’d have first thought, but I would say it was quite physically challenging.

For two people who are usually quite fit it was taxing – but so enjoyable and exciting at the same time.

I’d say it took around 15-20 minutes to complete the climb up, with the first third far more steep than the second two thirds.

It felt safe, there was an instructor constantly there, and more than anything it was the most amazingly, surreal experience as we ascended.

And, as we hit the top, all I can say is WOW.

360 degree views of London, from 52 metres in the sky, in Greenwich.

It was freezing cold, but there aren't many better feelings than actually being able to walk around the roof of the O2.

We reflected on what we’d just done, took photos, and enjoyed the carol singers and hot chocolate who were a special treat there just for Christmas.

It was EPIC – weirdly not frightening, and I’d recommend anyone – thrill seeker or not – to go and do the same.

Going down was weirdly more daunting than up, especially on the last third of the walk which was again quite steep.

It didn’t feel like we were ‘coming down’ from what had been the climatic part of the adventure, though, and I enjoyed the descent just the same.

The whole experience was an exciting one, one that felt once-in-a-lifetime-like, and one that I’d urge everyone to try.

We saw the landmarks of London while standing on top of one of the landmarks of London and went shopping at the Icon Outlet afterwards.

Pretty cool, really…

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