Romford’s M&S TikTok stars are hoping an East 17 cameo can help their second Christmas single to number one. 

Jack Brooker, Joseph Duodu and Clinton Amponsah shot to fame around September 2021 with a series of TikTok videos in which they performed a range of boy-band songs. 

Filmed by their team manager, Sarah Hutcherson, the three racked up more and more hits online. But it was in October/November the same year that they decided to go one further and record their own Christmas single. 

The aptly-named This Is Not Any Christmas Song made it to number two in the iTunes charts. Now however, the boys are back again with the intention of going one better. 

Jack, who wrote the song, said he started thinking about doing another single towards the end of October. 

“We keep getting customers asking us if are we doing another song,” he said.

This year's song sticks with the formula and is called This is Not Just Another Christmas Song.

The video, which features Terry Coldwell from East 17, is shot inside the Romford store, with numerous other members also getting cameos. 

Jack said given Terry's involvement, it “made sense” to go with the theme of East 17’s mega-hit Stay Another Day, with the lads donning the trademark white coats famously worn by the pop-group. 

With all proceeds going to the local charity SMILE, Jack said the store has high hopes for this year. 

“We had a number two last year. It would be nice to outdo ourselves and have a number one, but for me, it’s all about the charity.” 

Early indications are that the single will do well. It has already risen up the iTunes rankings, as well as picking up listens across Spotify and YouTube. 

A special performance for the wider team in head office also suggested good things. 

“It was a real buzz. My phone didn’t stop going off,” said Jack. 

“It’s been a real buzz in the store.” 

Romford Recorder: Terry Coldwell (l) from East 17 and Jack Brooker (r), who wrote the new single, outside the Romford M&S storeTerry Coldwell (l) from East 17 and Jack Brooker (r), who wrote the new single, outside the Romford M&S store (Image: M&S Team Romford)

Jack added that, having begun making music when he was 14, the experience of putting out a single with his colleagues, is also important to him. 

“It’s just nice,” he said. “It’s just exciting for me to do. I enjoy writing, I enjoying making the songs.” 

To support M&S Romford, listen to This Is Not Just Another Christmas Song on iTunes or Spotify, or watch the video in full on YouTube. 

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