A Romford mum-of-two is battling to get her faulty boiler fixed for good after more than four years of frustrating stop-start service.

Lisa Goodey, 39, has lived in her home on Drummond Road for 18 years.

She currently resides there with her three children aged six, 12 and 19, and has been plagued with persistent boiler problems for the last few years.

Lisa said the property’s management company, L&Q, has been out numerous times to carry out repairs, but the boiler continues to pack up.

This has resulted in repeated periods where heating and showers have been unavailable, with the family suffering for “several weeks” last year without hot water.

An L&Q spokesperson said the company is “sorry to hear that Ms Goodey is having issues with her boiler”, adding the safety and welfare of residents “is our number one priority”.

They noted L&Q has "taken action to resolve" the issues when they arise.

Lisa claims even the engineers commented on the situation, with one allegedly telling Lisa: “Every part of the boiler has been changed.”

As a short-term fix, Lisa said she asked L&Q to fit an electric shower to cover when the boiler stops working.

However, she claims it was refused due to it being categorised as a ‘home improvement’, rather than a repair.

To ensure her family can continue having hot baths, Lisa said she has been filling the tub with boiling water from saucepans.

She says there was a recent accident with the hot water, which saw her son burnt and having to spend time in hospital.

The patchwork attempts to resolve the faults have had an impact on the family as well, said Lisa.

“It’s just lots of things go wrong with it...it’s just ongoing issues.”

Romford Recorder: Lisa said she has been having issues with her boiler for at least four yearsLisa said she has been having issues with her boiler for at least four years (Image: Lisa Goodey)

The L&Q spokesperson said: “Ms Goodey has experienced intermittent problems with her boiler over the last few years, and we have visited her home each time an issue has been raised and taken action to resolve it.

“Ms Goodey reported a recent issue with her boiler to us on September 25. We’ve since re-instated her hot water and heating and will carry out further investigations to establish why a fault keeps occurring.

“We apologise that this has taken longer than it should have, and we will continue to work with Ms Goodey to ensure the matter is fully resolved.”