Budding chess players from two Romford schools visited the World Chess Championship this week to see the world’s best players in action.

Children from Crownfield Junior School, White Hart Lane, Collier Row, and Drapers’ Maylands Primary School,Settle Road, Harold Hill, travelled to the prestigious venue of The College in Holborn to see two grandmasters compete in the World Chess Championship.

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world champion and challenger Fabiano Caruana went head-to-head in the best of 12 games battle.

The grandmasters round three match was a stalemate, leaving them tied at one and a half points each.

Students from Years 3 and 4 were able to attend the championship due to the support of Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC), an educational charity that uses chess to help children’s education and social development.

“The work that Chess in Schools and Communities is doing is very important to the development of the children both in and out of the classroom,” said Trudy Spillane, principal at Drapers’ Maylands Primary School.

“We are seeing them progress in their academic achievements and social situations and these are skills that will prove invaluable throughout their lives.”

As part of the visit, children enjoyed a tour of the college and a special workshop which focused on analysis of the previous day’s game between Carlsen and Caruana.

They also got to meet Judit Polgar who is considered the strongest female chess player of all time.

Gillian Horne, headteacher at Crownfield Junior School, added: “This was a special treat for some of our bright young chess players, who have shown considerable promise.

“The children have taken to the game very quickly, and with enthusiasm, and their excitement was palpable as they got to see the world’s best players in action.”

CSC provides schools with free equipment, training for staff and entry to the school activity days of the annual London Chess Class tournament in December.

At the World Chess Championship, the children were awarded a Guide to the World Chess Championship produced by CSC, which was full of chess puzzles and some history facts on the Championship.

For more information about CSC visit chessinschools.co.uk.