A kebab shop in Romford’s town centre will keep its licence despite complaints of noise and anti-social behaviour from residents living nearby.

The licence of Express Kebab House at the junction of Victoria Road and South Street, has been upheld by the council following a licensing sub-committee meeting on Monday, March 16.

The kebab shop has a licence to provide late night refreshments every day from 10am to 4am.

The shop recently took on a new licence holder in January and therefore complaints from residents refer to a time before the current licence holder’s tenure.

A 24-year-old resident who applied for the kebab shop to have its licence revoked took issue with noise that customers were making late at night.

He said: “If the kebab shop wasn’t there, then there would be no noise or trouble at all.

“When people are making noise, it isn’t just loud talking, it’s screaming, screeching and it is constant for hours and hours.

“I have tried my best to try and block out all of this insanely disturbing noise, but roughly after 234 weekends I have reached my limit.”

The resident’s comments were supported by councillor Judith Holt.

But at the licensing sub-committee meeting, councillors decided to uphold Express Kebab House’s licence.

Graham Hopkins, from GT Licensing Consultants, represented the kebab shop at the meeting.

He told the Recorder: “The sub-committee were satisfied the management were and had upheld the licensing objectives and they were totally exonerated.

“The resident had failed to provide video evidence he relied on to the responsible authorities and the premises licence holder although he had said on his application that he had done so.

“Incidentally the applicant had made a false declaration.”

The resident said he had video evidence of people playing music at a full volume from a speaker outside the shop at night and of the shop was opening past its approved hours.

A council spokeswoman added: “The application to review the licence was refused and it remains in place.

“The licence holder was reminded of his duty to adhere to the conditions of the licence”.