A Harold Hill trampolining park manager has invited NHS workers to a free party to say thank you for helping his parents survive Covid-19.

Jump Evolution Trampoline Park in Spilsby Road will host an “NHS appreciation event” on Sunday, July 4 between 7pm and 9pm.

Local NHS workers are invited to use the park and eat pizza and hot-dogs for free during these two hours.

Jump Evolution's managing director, Russell Tiller, 51, said: “This year, my family had first-hand experience of the absolute stress and pressure the NHS was under.

"And how selfless the NHS workers were: from the paramedics to the care workers, nurses, doctors, looking after both my parents who were very, very ill to the point where we thought we would lose not one, but both of them."

Russell said his mother, 78, and father, 79, both fell ill around Christmas and were taken to hospital on New Year's Day.

“My mother was in hospital until March 12 and my dad was in for about three weeks. It was a very, very tough time, sadly,” said Russell.

“The government was saying ‘please stay at home, stay at home’ yet NHS workers had no choice but to go into the lion’s den. They walked into a house where they have got Covid patients, they have then got to do their work and then go home to their families.

“My brother, my sister, our parents of course, we couldn’t be more grateful.

"Whatever I do is never going to repay what they have done for us. It’s just something small that I can do.

“Due to the exceptional care they had from the NHS workers throughout, I wanted to say thank you. It was my very, very small way of having an opportunity to say thank you to the NHS workers.

"It’s always nice to give something back to the community, and that’s what we want to do at Jump Evolution.”

Jump Evolution will host a raffle on the night, and Russell said any proceeds raised will be donated to the NHS.

NHS workers who wish to attend must book via nicholas@jumpevolution.co.uk.