The House of Commons is back after summer recess and it is certain to be a busy period.

As Romford’s MP, there are two particular priorities I will be focusing on. One is a national issue, the other a local issue.

Nationally, I will be campaigning hard for a sensible, humane but firm immigration policy. That means a generous outstretched hand to those genuinely in need, for example those with BNO status in Hong Kong and brave Afghans who worked with British Armed Forces.

It also means an unassailable wall around these islands for those seeking to come here illegally.

I have written to the home secretary, Priti Patel, again to express my deep frustration about this. I am pleased the Nationality and Borders Bill is going through Parliament, but I fear this won’t be enough.

The current situation is unacceptable to me and the government must take action urgently.

Locally, my priority will be securing better policing in Romford.

It has been good to see the vibrant nightlife returning to our town recently. However, I am deeply concerned to have received reports of an increase in crime and antisocial behaviour.

I’m in regular contact with business owners reporting difficulties in securing an effective police response to some appalling incidents.

We need more police and more effective policing in Havering and I will accept nothing less!

Where are the additional police that the government has announced going? I fear that the mayor is ignoring Havering. Shaming him into giving Romford the police cover we need will be my top local priority.