Could you adopt a rescue pet in need of a forever home?

The Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary has around 100 animals, a number of which the charity hopes to rehome.

Founded in 1961, the sanctuary has rescued a range of animals over the years, including cats, dogs, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Though Upminster-based, the organisation also has a shop on the first floor of the Romford Shopping Hall which is open Monday to Saturday.

The charity lives by the mantra that "animals are a lifetime commitment".

To honour this, and to prevent animals being adopted on a whim, the sanctuary stops rehoming from the second week of December until the second week of January.

Here is a selection of animals from the Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary ready to be adopted by homes and families across east London.



Leia is seven-years-old and has been dubbed "a very affectionate lady".

She can live with a cat-friendly dog, but would prefer a home as the only cat.

If she lived with another cat she would choose not to interact.


Fourteen-year-old Patch is looking for a quiet home with no dogs or children, and would be ideal for an older person wanting company.

Something of a "slow burn" with people, Patch becomes a best friend once comfortable.


Pheobe - currently six-months old - is described as a "very playful" kitten.

The sanctuary say that although she "would be happy as the only cat lapping up all the attention", Pheobe can live with children and a cat-friendly dog.


Eighteen-month old Buttons can live with older children but isn't used to dogs.

She's described as "very friendly and affectionate", and could be the only cat at home.


Another 18-month-old cat, Bean Bean is considered very friendly and is fine with people of all ages.

According to the sanctuary, 'not much seems to faze him', though he isn't used to dogs.

Beans could live with another cat.

Prue and Piper

Precious pairing Prue and Piper are four-months-old and are looking for a new home together.

Both cats wold be fine living with a cat-friendly dog and children.


Eight-year-old Mittens is considered 'an extremely affectionate cat' who loves people and children.

Mittens can also live with a cat-friendly dog and doesn't mind other cats.

Syrian Hamsters

The sanctuary has some Syrian hamsters looking for new homes.

People are urged not to apply to adopt small animals just because children want them.

The sanctuary says the main reason such animals are brought to the charity is because they were initially bought for children who have since lost interest.

Guinea Pigs

The sanctuary also has a number of guinea pigs it wishes to rehome.

Single neutered boys, groups and pairs are among those available for adoption.

To enquire about adopting any of the animals, please email or send a message to @wanderershavenanimalsanctuary on Facebook.

You can donate towards helping the sanctuary continue its vital work by visiting this link.

Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary - Policy

All our animals are rehomed on a Life Time Adoption. This means that for whatever reason new owners can no longer care for the animal, they must be returned to the sanctuary. No matter how long the animal has been rehomed for.

Animals that are microchipped stay in the Sanctuary's name, with new owners added. If the animal is lost and scanned the Sanctuary and new owner are notified.

We have a non destruction order so any animals that come into our care stay with us until they are rehomed. Certain animals which cannot be rehomed due to past problems and issues live at the sanctuary.