Queen’s Hospital received a special delivery from a very generous Brentwood schoolgirl.

Olive Low, eight, delivered four sacks of toys for children at the Romford facility, paid for using £1,050 she raised selling Christmas cookies with her aunt Laura O'Connor.

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Each £5 bag contained six chocolate chip cookies wrapped in a ribbon and topped with a Christmas bell and candy cane.

Olive told this newspaper she liked baking because it’s "just fun and it’s something I do normally so it’s getting more funner and funner – I like using all the sprinkles”.

“And making a mess,” her auntie added.

The pair also made deliveries to Haven House Children's Hospice in Woodford Green and Mitchell’s Miracles, a Romford-based neuroblastoma charity.

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Olive said she wanted to raise the money because they "don’t have much toys to play with when they are in the hospital".

Aunty Laura said they might make the charitable donation an annual tradition.

“Maybe we could make bracelets or something,” Olive suggested.

“Less mess for me,” said Laura.