A proposal on how to salvage the situation at Beam Park has been published.

Rainham councillors have come together to brainstorm how to address the ongoing problem of the new train station in the development.

It was promised for years as part of a major regeneration of the area, but it emerged last year the Department for Transport (DfT) had never given essential backing for the scheme and, due to concerns about its business case, is refusing to do so unless it is given indefinite financial immunity.

The revelation threw future stages of the housing development into limbo and left those who have already moved in without the promised transport links, which has led them to consider legal action.

On Monday, January 17, Rainham Independent Residents Association (RIRA) published its "plan B" for Beam Park, outlining proposals for tackling transit issues as well as future phases of development.

The document accuses the Greater London Authority and Havering Council of progressing the project irresponsibly, “gambling that it would be approved”.

It suggests that, rather than trying to persuade the government to change its position, an alternative plan should be pursued.

Recommendations include introducing a shuttle service between Beam Park and Dagenham Dock and Rainham stations, along with upgrades to both of those stations, and the construction of a new car park for Beam Park residents only.

They also suggest that the future stages of the development be re-designed to be lower density and "more in character with the area".

Cllr Damian White, leader of Havering Council, accused the RIRA of “playing politics rather than working with the council to find a solution”.

“We have said all along that we are working towards a station being built,” he said.

“The DfT have not made a final decision and, with Countryside and L&Q, we are supporting the GLA in making that case."

He said it was clear Beam Park would benefit from improved public transport and it was “interesting” to see the resident association’s ideas.

A spokesperson for the mayor of London said City Hall is continuing to work with the DfT to “find a way forward”.

They said: “As part of this work, City Hall and partners are also reviewing other options to improve connectivity in the area.

“However, the mayor strongly believes that the new station at Beam Park is critical to improving public transport for people living locally.”