Members of a Romford action team will fundraise for a child poverty charity throughout the year in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Jane Keane, 56, and Hope Mendy, 29, from Labour's St Alban's action team, have set their sights on raising £1,200 for charity Zarach.

This amount will buy 10 beds and bed sets for children.

Zarach work to deliver beds and basics to children in poverty across Romford, Leeds and Dewsbury and its Romford base, overseen by Minister Glen Podd, is at Romford Elim Church in Wheatsheaf Road.

Over the next year, Jane and Hope will be raising funds for the charity to celebrate the Queen’s year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Jane said: “For a child not to have a bed to sleep in this day and age is a disgrace and an indicator of extreme poverty.”

The 56-year-old highlighted the impact tiredness can have on a child’s ability to learn and Hope said hunger also impacts children's “life chances”.

Hope added that the pair will continue to collect food for the Harold Hill and S.M.I.L.E London and Essex food banks.