Police want to speak with anyone who was significantly affected by an M25 closure during a climate protest last month.

A protester claiming to be representing Just Stop Oil gained access to an overhead gantry near Junction 30 - the intersection with the A13 by Lakeside Shopping Centre - on July 20.

The M25 had to be closed and a specialist team was brought to the scene to get the protester down safely.

Essex Police say it is working with the Crown Prosecution Service regarding an investigation.

Officers are asking anyone who was inconvenienced by the disruption - including those who could not attend medical appointments or planned work, or who missed any significant life events - to come forward.

This does not include motorists who were simply caught up in the traffic congestion.

Det Sgt Harriet Ware, who is leading the Essex Police investigation, said: “We are aware this incident caused a significant amount of disruption to motorists and many people have been significantly inconvenienced by them.

"Our complex investigations are progressing and we would now like to hear from anyone who has not yet spoken to us but believes they have been inconvenienced by the disruption.

"I know a substantial number of people will have been simply delayed by the disruption but, specifically, I would like to hear from anyone who could not attend medical appointments, could not attend planned work and therefore missed out on payment, missed - or were severely delayed - attending any significant life events.

"Coming forward will help us progress our investigations and help ensure we can keep the county's roads moving freely in future."

Email Harriet.ware@essex.police.uk to get in touch about the matter.