12.5m high phone mast in Cranham refused planning permission

Cllr Clarence Barrett

Cllr Clarence Barrett - Credit: submitted

A proposal to put up a 12.5m mobile phone mast in Cranham has been refused planning permission.

The mast, together with two equipment boxes, would have replaced an existing 10m telegraph-style pole at the junction of Front Lane and Moor Lane.

Residents’ Group councillor Clarence Barrett said: “I am very pleased that they turned it down.

“Placed in the middle of Cranham, it would have had a seriously detrimental effect in terms of appearance and amenity value.”

The plan was opposed by a number of Cranham councillors and residents.

The mast was refused amid fears that it would dominate the landscape.

Council officers also feared that it would clutter the streets and harm the appearance of the surrounding area.

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Cllr Barrett added: “The existing pole is not that prominent. No-one really notices it at the moment.

“Volunteers and the council have worked very hard to brighten up the appearance of Cranham with an array of plant troughs and tubs.

“To have all that blighted by a 12.5m monstrosity would be unthinkable.”