'It's okay to be different': Romford author publishes children's book

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown has released a new children's book about mental health - Credit: Charlie Brown

A Romford mother has published a children’s book about overcoming mental health problems. 

Charlie Brown, 40, who has suffered from mental health issues all her life, releases Not All Superheroes Wear Capes today (Wednesday, June 30). 

Charlie Brown

The story follows George who overcomes his bullies - Credit: Charlie Brown

She told this paper: “I think that if we can help children who are suffering from a young age, it will help them as they grow up and they can develop an understanding that it’s something they can deal with.” 

The story follows George, who is bullied at school and faces his own health challenges, but goes on an adventure which teaches him that he is stronger than he once thought. 

Charlie’s twin 15-year-old sons are autistic, and she said the boys have experienced their own adversity.  

“Children have it really hard now, especially with online bullying,” she explained. 

“I want to show that it is okay to be different, and it can be a strength. 

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