Flashback: Wedding drama, a vicious mugging and a referee attacked

20 years ago.

20 years ago. - Credit: Romford Library

The main stories that made the local news this week 60, 40 and 20 years ago

20 years ago.

20 years ago. - Credit: Romford Library


While 18-year-old Pat Elliot was being married at St Augustine’s Church, Canterbury, her dad was 68 miles away, recovering in Oldchurch Hospital from an emergency appendicitis operation.

But soon after the ceremony, Pat, of Rush Green Road, Romford, and her groom 22-year-old Brian Schofield, of West Wickham, Kent, darted off to Romford to see industrial relations officer Thomas Elliot.

Still in her ballerina-length lace and tulle dress, Pat spent 10 minutes at her father’s bedside.

20 years ago.

20 years ago. - Credit: Romford Library

When she left, her bouquet of red roses stayed behind.

Mr Elliot was taken ill a few days before and was rushed to hospital.

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Pat’s uncle John Walker had to walk her down the aisle in his place.


A child brutally kicked a 73-year-old woman to the ground in a subway leaving her with a broken arm and smashed hip.

The robber, thought to be just 13, ran off with the pensioner’s purse containing £8.

The helpless victim was left crying in agony.

The attack happened as the woman was walking through Ludwigshafen Place subway from Romford Market Place.

The youngster jumped on her from behind and tried to snatch the purse from her hand.

She wouldn’t let go so the youth kicked at her legs.

She crashed to the ground and the mugger grabbed her purse and fled.

A passing boy and girl spotted her and helped her to her feet.

In a state of shock, Mrs Garrett made it to a bus stop and caught a bus home but as it pulled into the stop near her Barking home, she collapsed and was taken to hospital.

She said: “The whole incident was a terrible shock.

“I have read about such things happening but never imagined it would happen to me.”


An angry player launched a sickening attack on a football referee who showed him the red card during a league match.

The 31-year-old official was shoved to the floor and kicked twice in the head by the player during a game between Wood United and Elm Park at Harold Wood Park.

The referee, Michael Cottee from Harold Hill, was unconscious for 15 minutes and was taken to Oldhchurch Hospital, Romford, for treatment after an Elm Park player called an ambulance.

With the referee injured, the match had to be abandoned.

The attack happened about five minutes from half time with Elm Park leading 1-0.

His attacker had been shown a yellow and then a red card for using abusive language towards the referee. The official’s partner called the police but the player left before they arrived.