Bretons Manor becomes filming location for sci-fi movie

Clear Sky Cinema productions filming Dream Hacker at a manor house in Hornchurch, Havering

Dream Hacker, a production starring the likes of Glynis Barber, Molly Hanson and Mark Williams, being filmed at Bretons Manor - Credit: Nigel Blythe

A sci-fi movie currently in production has been spied filming scenes at Bretons Manor.

The Grade II-listed manor house has been confirmed as a location for film Dream Hacker, which centres around a science prodigy with five PHDs.

Starring the likes of Glynis Barber, Molly Hanson and Mark Williams, IMDB lists Clear Sky Cinema as the production company.

Nigel Blythe, who is on the committee at Bretons Manor, confirmed the cast and crew were on set on April 20.

He told the Recorder the opportunity came about through a phone call made a couple of weeks ago.

Dream Hacker being filmed at Bretons Manor in Hornchurch, ahead of release later in 2022

Scenes being shot on the grounds of the Grade II listed manor house, which was built in 1742 - Credit: Nigel Blythe

Describing the day as "enjoyable", Nigel admitted to keeping out of the cast's way as they went about their day's work.

Nigel hopes this unexpected chance to show off the beauty of Bretons Manor isn't a one-off.

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"Hopefully there will be more calls [from production companies]," he said.

A release date for Dream Hacker is yet to be confirmed.