Family affair: 17-year-old film-maker makes debut at Romford Film Festival

Adam Daniels family

Film-maker Adam Daniels is supported by his extended family - Credit: Sally Patterson

Over 200 movies were showcased at Romford Film Festival this month, but the event was particularly special for one family. 

The festival’s youngest film-maker, Adam Daniels, was joined on the red carpet by his mother, father, grandma, aunt and uncle - who have all starred in his films. 

Adam Daniels

Adam Daniels was the youngest film-maker at Romford Film Festival - Credit: Sally Patterson

Adam, who turned 17 this month, submitted psychological thriller Stay Over, which he wrote, directed and shot, to the Romford Film Festival 2021

The Chadwell Heath film-maker told this paper: “I started about six or seven years ago, just filming on my phone with a few mates. 

“And then I was hooked straight away on it. 

“I got more and more interested and focused on it. 

“It just stepped up and up, and now I’m here.” 

Adam, who hopes to create action films as a career, studied at London Screen Academy, but claimed he was "freer" at home. 

Adam Daniels family

Actors Lee River (l) and Ben Marks, with Adam Daniels, Frances Rosen, Ruth Daniels and Symon Daniels (r) - Credit: Paula Rosen

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Mother Ruth Daniels said: “I’m so proud, it’s really exciting. 

“After quite a few years of taking Adam to these shoots - sometimes in the middle of a forest, or driving to an airfield three hours away.” 

Her son laughed: “She's my driver, caterer, everything." 

Ruth added: “And I do star in some of his films, though maybe star is too strong a word.” 

Adam Daniels

Chadwell Heath-based Adam has already made almost 10 short films - Credit: Adam Daniels

Adam’s aunt Paula Rosen, who drove over two hours with husband Keith Warburton to the festival, interjected: “I have to say, Ruth is an amazing actress. She’s so mean and scary. 

“I think there’s a career there waiting for her.” 

Stay Over was shot in their mother Frances Rosen’s house, who also starred in the production. 

The 86-year-old said: “To see myself on screen was amazing. 

“I'm always offered the sinister role, never anything glamorous. 

“Adam is a perfectionist; he will repeat and repeat until he gets it right. 

“It's exhausting for me but so worth it in the end.” 

Adam Daniels mum and grandma

Adam's grandmother Frances Rosen (l) and mother Ruth Daniels (r) are very supportive of his work - Credit: Adam Daniels

Speaking about Adam’s nomination for the Local Filmmaker Award, father Symon Daniels added: “I am so proud of him, what he’s done and all by himself. 

“The things he’s done already are amazing.  

“This is a passion that is growing all the time.”