Celebration cakes: Bakers show off masterpieces made in lockdown

Luisa Bediako

Luisa Bediako shows off her freshly-made donuts - Credit: Ricci Fothergill

Over the past year, Brentwood cake makers have been whipping up creations for every celebration, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between. 

Parties may have been put on hold during lockdown, but edible treats certainly weren’t. 

Enjoy Brentwood More spoke to Brentwood bakers about keeping the borough's spirits high during the pandemic.

Brentwood's Daisy Mud Pie specialises in fondant, 3D and tiered cakes. 

Daisy Mud Pie

Mark Mellor entered this tiered tower into the virtual Cake International competition - Credit: Daisy Mud Pie

Owner Mark Mellor entered Cake International’s virtual competition in February and was awarded a virtual merit. 

He said: “Demand for cake during lockdown was still quite high, people wanted to celebrate.  

Mark Mellor

Mark Mellor has entered international baking competitions - Credit: Daisy Mud Pie

“There wasn’t much you could do except order cakes, so that picked up.  

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“People wanted to treat themselves and indulge. 

Daisy Mud Pie cake

This suitcase looks good enough to eat - Credit: Daisy Mud Pie

“Thank you very much for all the repeat custom, I’m just so happy people have enjoyed them and I was able to be part of their celebration.” 

Sara Rowling, celebration cake maker at Rose’s Bakery, agreed that orders had flowed in during lockdown. 

She explained: “Demand was quite good - people couldn’t get out so I made them special cakes instead. 

Sara Rowling cake

A paw-fect birthday cake - Credit: Sara Rowling / Rose's Bakery

“It's lovely that locals have supported us, and people know us because we were open the whole way through.  

Sara Rowling cake

The Brentwood cake makers stayed open during lockdown - Credit: Sara Rowling / Rose's Bakery

"We have quite a lot of regular customers who come back, and wedding season is coming up so we have quite a few wedding cakes ordered.” 

Mother-of-two Luisa Bediako began making afternoon teas during the first lockdown.

Luisa Bediako

Luisa Bediako hard at work in the kitchen - Credit: Ricci Fothergill

Luisa Bediako

Luisa Bediako makes all sorts of sweet goodies - Credit: Luisa Bediako

Since then she has expanded to cakes, donuts and more.

"It's been crazy busy fitting it all in," she added.

Luisa Badiako cake

Brentwood mum Luisa Bediako bakes up chocolate delights - Credit: Luisa Bediako

Rays Bakes Brentwood is run by husband and wife team Jetu Miah and Jenia Jafrin Rahi, and named after their son. 

Ray’s Bakes Brentwood

Rays Bakes Brentwood made this alchopop delight - Credit: Rays Bakes Brentwood

The company calls itself a "cakes enthusiast and perfectionist", offering cakes for all occasions. 

Jenia started out making cakes as a hobby, but two years ago she took some bakery courses and turned professional. 

Ray’s Bakes Brentwood cupcakes

Rays Bakes Brentwood make cakes for all occasions - Credit: Rays Bakes Brentwood

Husband Jetu said: “We try and provide the best service we can at an affordable price. 

“We also try and be as professional as we can and make the cakes look exactly as the customer wants.”