Health optimisation treatments: Your commonly asked questions answered by a London-based expert

Woman wearing sportswear about to enter cryotherapy chamber at Be Superhuman, Upminster

Full-body cryotherapy stimulates the body's natural healing processes and reduces inflammation within the muscles and joints. - Credit: Be Superhuman

Trying to find ways to improve your health and wellbeing? Cryotherapy, red-light therapy and other health services have a lot to offer. 

Living a longer, healthier life isn’t just made possible by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly – by supplementing these with regular visits to a health optimisation centre, you can reduce the impact of stress and boost your overall wellbeing. 

Jag Chima, founder of Be Superhuman health optimisation centre in Upminster, gives us an overview of the treatments available and the health benefits they can bring. 

Woman standing in red-light therapy chamber at Be Superhuman, London

Red-light therapy encourages collagen production and is a source of vitamin D, providing a range of aesthetic and health benefits. - Credit: Be Superhuman

Q: What are the different health optimisation treatments and how do they affect the body? 

A: There are a wide range of wellness therapies that can assist people suffering from chronic pain, help athletes to recover from intense training and ensure that people are receiving enough nutrients. These include: 

  • Cryotherapy – a full body application of extremely cold dry air, usually -85°, stimulating the body’s natural healing properties and reducing inflammation within the muscles. 
  • Red-light therapy – a low-level red wavelength of LED light that naturally boosts collagen production and blood circulation. 
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – pure oxygen is released within a small chamber, increasing the atmospheric pressure and promotes the accelerated regeneration of cells throughout the body. 
  • Compression therapy – applying controlled pressure on your legs, this method increases blood flow to your heart and helps drain lactic acid from your muscles. 
  • IV drip therapy – for those suffering from immune illnesses or severe vitamin deficiencies, this treatment provides easy, quick access to essential nutrients. 

Q: Are all of these treatments safe and painless? 

A: Yes, from cryotherapy to compression, all of the services we provide are completely safe for the vast majority of customers. People with certain conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and cold-activated asthma should avoid cryotherapy treatments, as well as pregnant women. Children under 18 years of age will need written consent and a guardian present. 

Due to the non-invasive nature of cryotherapy, red-light therapy, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and compression, no one undergoing these treatments should experience pain or adverse side effects. We do have staff on hand during all of our treatments, so if any discomfort is felt, customers can stop at any time.  

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Be Superhuman, Upminster

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can help to boost your energy levels, speed up recovery time and accelerate the regeneration of cells throughout your body. - Credit: Be Superhuman

Q: Who can benefit the most from using these health boosting therapies? 

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A: We see people from all walks of life who really get a lot out of these treatments, as they are universally beneficial. Initially, the therapies were developed in America for high-level athletes and football players who needed a way to recover quickly from training and competing, and we’ve had boxers use the cryotherapy to reduce injury and help with their long-term brain health. 

However, people who aren’t involved in sport can also experience a wide range of health benefits. For example, red-light therapy doesn’t just power up your cells to encourage regenerative growth, it stimulates collagen production and is a fantastic source of vitamin D – leaving your skin looking radiant and healthy.  

Q: Can these therapies help people with injuries and illnesses? 

A: Absolutely. We’ve had people with surgery scars, skin conditions and chronic pain come in to use our facilities and each treatment has something different to offer for each problem. One of our recent customers had a major hand surgery which left a large wound, but after just five sessions of red-light therapy it looked almost healed.  

Cryotherapy is excellent for opening up neurological pathways that help with fatigue and tiredness, as well reducing joint swelling and pain that often comes with injuries. If you’ve injured your knee whilst playing sport, looking to detoxify after an indulgent weekend or just want to feel more alert, then these treatments can certainly help you out. 

A selection of IV therapy chairs next to each other at Be Superhuman, London

For those suffering from immune illnesses and vitamin deficiencies, IV therapy provides quick access to essential nutrients. - Credit: Be Superhuman

Q: Why is it important that Be Superhuman’s treatments are accessible for everyone? 

A: It’s vital that people understand how their body works and how they can improve it. When we suffer an injury or contract an illness, it can be a very worrying time – but when you know there’s an option to alleviate the pain and encourage your body’s recovery without using medication, it gives a real sense of reassurance and encouragement.  

We're the only place in the UK that offers all of these treatments under one roof, and we can advise on which therapy is suited to each individual. 

For more information on cryotherapy and other health optimising therapies, visit or call 01708 545 777