Birthday Memorial

Albert Edward

ALBERT EDWARD DOWSETT 8 December 1919 – 23 October 2009 DORIS LAVINIA DOWSETT 9 December 1924 – 26 March 2020 MUM & DAD FOR YOUR BIRTHDAYS IN HEAVEN Together for ever Today is full of memories happiness and tears Of birthday celebrations we’ve shared throughout the years. And though I’ll always miss you, the endless joy you brought Warms my heart with gratitude and fills my every thought. Now you both rest in Heaven, I hope that you can see How cherished and important your memory is to me. I feel that you are with me in everything I do So I will celebrate your birthdays But I will spend them, missing you. Birthdays in Heaven must be without a doubt Celebrated, in such ways we could only dream about. No gifts would be given to show that you care Abundance in love is all that’s needed there. With Angels all singing though some, bowed in prayer The love that they send are the only gifts that they bear. Your Birthdays will be beautiful and one day, I’ll get to see When we are back together for all eternity. Happy Birthday, my dear Mum & Dad from whom I am parted You are missed beyond words and loved, whole hearted. NEVER MORE THAN A THOUGHT AWAY Till we meet again Love Always, Joy xxxx

Published: Dec 3, 2021


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